Athlone Chamber believes that there is great opportunity for the next Government to achieve much over its five year term and to oversee a transformative process whereby Ireland moves permanently into a more mature phase of economic growth.
We have identified what we believe must be the core priorities for the next Government if we are to achieve the goal of sustainable economic growth. The main issues are across 5 broad categories: including Supporting Irish Enterprise, Supporting our People, Planning for Growth, Investing for our Future and Ireland in the Global Economy
The Chambers vision is one of innovation, entrepreneurship, inclusiveness and sustainable economic growth. Speaking with Chamber members Russell Brennan Keane they highlight how Competitiveness is very important and as a small open economy, and we must maintain the competitiveness of Irish Business. Likewise Taxation is another area where simplifying personal taxation would improve Irelands competitiveness and ability to attract a high skilled workforce
Regina Bushell of Grovelands Childcare points out how the next Government must invest in early childhood education. The positive economic and social impacts cannot be ignored. Providing access to affordable, high quality childcare services helps to makes work pay.
In conclusion John McGrath, President of Athlone Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated “We must avoid repeating mistakes of the past and ensure a broad tax base with user-based taxes and charges. Eroding the tax base is unsustainable. The next Government must ensure revenue streams are consistent”

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