Digital Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

This year many businesses have been forced to move online in order to survive in our current climate. This adjustment has been particularly hard for many small businesses who are new to e-commerce and digital marketing. Here are some of our top tips for small businesses making the move to online:

Work on your Website
Your website should be easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. Too much text or content on your site can make it appear cluttered and distract users. If users feel any confusion about what their next action should be on a website, they will leave. You must make this obvious to users by using clear navigation and call-to-actions. Call-to-action buttons are used on websites and landing pages to help guide users towards the goal of conversion or the action you want them to take, for example ‘Make an Enquiry’ or ‘Contact Us’.
A significant amount of web traffic is from mobile, so it’s important to make sure your website is optimised for mobile.

Research your Competitors
Identify your top competitors. Take a look at what they are doing and how they are positioning themselves. Find what differentiates you from them. This could be price, quality, brand image, service, or something else.

Stay Active on your Socials
Consistency is key when building up your social media accounts. Staying active and consistent on your socials shows your customers and potential customers that you’re reliable. It gives them a reason to continue following you, and most importantly it reminds them that you’re there. Staying active on social media is a great affordable way to improve brand awareness and grow your brand.

Step up your Content
Including visual content in your online marketing strategy is vital to improve your reach and brand awareness. Studies have shown that after 3 days an individual remembers 65% of information when it had been coupled with some kind of imagery or video. When the text has no imagery attached only around 10% of information is retained after the same length of time.
Keep your content relevant to your audience’s interests and your brand. The quality of your content is also important, it’s a reflection of your brand and will be associated with your product or service quality.

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