Athlone Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides a range of services. The Chambers membership is made up of a wide spectrum of businesses spanning retail, food-agri, industrial, technological, education and so on. Our aim is to match that with our service menu:

Strengthening existing relationships and forming new ones. Become a member of Athlone Chamber and meet potential business partners in a relaxed yet targeted way. Listen to high profile speakers and business leaders.

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Athlone Chamber is a dedicated group of member businesses seeking direct action on the issues that affect business and the long-term development of Athlone. The Chamber is a business representative and lobbying organisation.

Athlone Chamber gather relevant information relating to Government Policy and regularly feed into the focus groups which ultimately dictate the direction Government might take. For example the recent Regional Jobs Initiative.

The Chamber also liaise with the relevant state bodies on issues such as infrastructure, land uses, utilities and promotion of the town. Examples of this would be Destination Athlone and Athlone at the Heart of It initiatives –

This interaction is both local, regional and national. Locally through our own Chamber, Regionally through the Midland Gateway Chamber, Nationally through Chambers Ireland and the Irish – German and Irish – American Chambers.

Athlone Chamber also steps forward as the need arises when issues of public interest arise or where the business community requires some representation at public meetings, in the media or at governmental initiatives. The Chamber also supports other activities in the Sports, Arts, Cultural and other sectors as the need arises.

The Chamber is directly represented on the following bodies:

Local Authority Strategic Development Committees
Midlands Gateway Chamber
Destination Athlone

Member profiling is available through our weekly digest and any member can send us a 200 word document and logo or photo explaining what their business is, where it is etc.

Athlone Chamber is officially authorised by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation and Chambers Ireland to issue and certify export documentation. The Chamber handles a wide range of documents for companies including: Certificates of Origin (EU Certs, Arab/Irish Certs), Invoices, Certificates of Analysis, Packing Slips, Certificates of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Company Reports etc.

Our team can guide you through the export documentation process. We provide a timely, professional and efficient service to all our exporting clients. Please contact the chamber for current pricing.

Purpose of Certificates of Origin

Some countries request a Certificate of Origin with imports. This document proves the place of growth, production, or manufacture of goods, specified thereon. The type of Certificate required varies according to the destination of the goods, e.g. member States of the Arab League require an Arab-Irish Certificate Origin. The majority of Certificates of Origin issued by the Chamber will be for non-Arab destinations. In such cases the European Union Certificate of Origin is used.

A Certificate of Origin is a document attesting that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country (country of origin). Virtually every country in the world considers the origin of imported goods when determining what duty will be assessed on the goods or, in some cases, whether the goods may be legally imported at all.

A Certificate of Origin facilitates the movement of goods/shipments through customs.

In Summary, a European Certificate of Origin is required for the following purposes.

To meet foreign customs requirements in the importing state
Customer (consignee) requires it
To meet ‘quota’ requirements imposed by the importing country
To comply with banking requirements / letters of credit
For other official and commercial reasons

To Register

Before a company can apply for a Certificate of Origin certain information is required by the Chamber:

An Indemnity form must be completed by the company before the Chamber can provide certification service. The undertaking of indemnification is needed with respect to information provided by the company to the Chamber. The company agrees to abide by standard rules and indemnifies the Chamber against inaccuracy of documents or misleading information. The applicant must be based in the 26 counties and be registered with the Companies Registration Office.
A list of authorised signatories for the company on the company’s headed paper, (with sample of signature). The signatories will be authorised to sign applications for certificates on behalf of the company: the (pink) application form of the European Certificate of Origin or the blue & green sheets of the Arab-Irish Certificate of Origin and documentation will only be accepted from those on the authorised list.
Service Users who are not members of Athlone Chamber of Commerce must supply the Chamber with a banker’s reference. This must confirm that the company maintains an account with the bank.

Online Certification Service

Athlone Chamber of Commerce provides exporters with the opportunity to apply for Certificates of Origin electronically via You will need to keep a stock of blank certificates of origin (provided by Athlone Chamber) in your office to enable you to print out the completed certificate. There are many benefits to the online system, details here:

Each Certificate of Origin issued via Tradecert is imprinted with a unique serial number and QR Code. The serial number can be inputted to the Verify a Cert website and an image of the Certificate will appear. Alternatively, the QR Code can be scanned using a mobile device. This will allow Customs officials to confirm that the Certificate is an original, that it was certified by an authorised issuing body, and that no alterations have been made since it was certified by the Chamber.

Benefits of the online system:

Save money on couriers, post and staff time
Save time as the risk of your document being rejected is eliminated
Maintain records of previous shipments and documentation
Analysis of activity on a user basis
Order blank certificates of origin online

Arab-Irish Certificates of Origin

Arab-Irish Certificates are required for the following countries:

Peoples Democratic Republic of Algeria
Kingdom of Bahrain
Republic of Iraq
Republic of Djibouti
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
State of Kuwait
Republic of Lebanon
The Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Kingdom of Morocco
Sultanate of Oman
State of Qatar
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Somali Democratic Republic
Republic of Sudan
Syrian Arab Republic
Republic of Tunisia
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Republic of Yemen

Rules to be observed regarding Arab-Irish Certificates of Origin:

All local Chambers must only issue and certify Arab-Irish Certificates of Origin for the 19 Arab countries that the Joint Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce represents.
Although some exporters may insist, under no circumstances may a European Certificate of Origin be issued or certified for an Arab Country.
Only Arab-Irish Certificates of Origin which Athlone Chamber has issued should be certified by them i.e. they are not to be certified by another Chamber.
Once the Arab-Irish certificate is authorised by Athlone Chamber, exporters must then forward it to the Arab Irish Chamber for certification.
Athlone Chamber, on a quarterly basis, issues the JAICC with a list of companies who they issue Certificates of Origin to. With this list, the JAICC will know if exporters are using the Certificate of Origin correctly.

* Failure to have the Arab-Irish certificate certified by the Arab Chamber could cause shipment delays further down the line.

The Arab-Irish Chamber of Commerce contact details are as follows:

34 Fitzwilliam Place

Dublin 2

Tel: 01 662 4451

Fax: 01 662 4729

Smarter Business Guide to Certificates of Origin

Below is a link to download a copy of this Smarter Business Guide.

Certificates of Origin Smarter Business Guide

EUR1 & ATR Certificates

Applying for EUR1 and ATR Certificates

Documentation for Preferential Origin

To enable their customers in the country of destination to benefit from the terms of the preferential agreement, exporters must furnish a certificate of origin for products, which qualify for preference under the agreements. The evidence of origin required under the arrangements can vary.

The EUR1 movement certificate is used for all preferential countries except those benefiting from the EU’s GSP scheme. EUR1 forms are issued by the competent Customs Authority in the exporting country, be it an EU member state or partner country. In Ireland’s case, the competent authority is the Revenue Commissioners. The required proof of origin for the EU’s GSP scheme is a Form A certificate, issued by the appropriate Customs Authority in the beneficiary country. For postal or low value consignments, a Form EUR2 or an invoice declaration is appropriate.

For certain products destined to Turkey, a special form of Movement Certificate ATR is normally used, form ATR3 being used for postal consignments.

EUR.1 & ATR Certificates

These certificates may be obtained by contacting one of the following offices with the company name and address and number of applications required:

Dublin Ports & Airport Districts

Custom House

Promenade Road

Dublin 3

Tel: 01 – 8776223

Fax: 01 – 8776281

The Long Room

Customs & Excise

Government Offices

The Glen


Tel: 051-862212 (direct)

Fax: 051-862252


Customs & Excise

Government Offices

Sullivan’s Quay


Tel: 021 – 4325153

Fax: 021-4310447


Customs & Excise

Sarsfield House


Tel: 061 – 402180

Fax: 061 – 402185


Customs & Excise

Custom House

Flood St.


Tel: 091 – 536300

Fax: 091 – 536380

A.T.A. Carnets

1. Why is it required?

An A.T.A. Carnet is used for the temporary importation and exportation of certain goods. The use of the A.T.A. Carnet is limited to importations of:

Commercial samples; International trade fair exhibits; and Professional equipment.

2. Exclusion of postal and Transit Traffic

A.T.A. Carnets will not be accepted for goods sent through the post or for goods in transit, including goods being moved under customs control between two points within the State.

3. Issue of A.T.A. Carnets

A.T.A. carnets are issued by Dublin Chamber and approved by the Irish Customs Authorities, to persons who wish to export goods temporarily from the country of issue to another country. The decision whether to issue a carnet is entirely a matter for the association.

4. Issuing and guaranteeing authority in Ireland

The Dublin Chamber of Commerce (Incorporated), 7 Clare Street, Dublin 2, has been approved as the National Guaranteeing Association in Ireland under the A.T.A. carnet scheme. Cork Chamber of Commerce also issue ATA Carnets under license from Dublin Chamber. Particulars of approved National Guaranteeing Associations abroad may be obtained from them.

5. Purpose of A.T.A. Carnet

Production of an A.T.A. Carnet enables normal customs documentation and security for duty and value-added- tax chargeable on imports to the destination country to be dispensed with but does not of itself permit duty-free importation not already allowable under existing provisions.

6. Make-up of Carnet

The following particulars are specified in the carnet before it is issued, and cannot be altered afterwards –

a. Period of validity;

b. Holder;

c. Intended use of goods (this must be sufficiently detailed to show that the goods are eligible for the duty-free admission -see paragraph 1)

d. Countries for which valid;

e. Goods covered

7. Discharge of an ATA Carnet

For an ATA Carnet to be discharged correctly the relevant vouchers must be stamped on leaving the EU, on entry to the destination country, on leaving the destination country and on return to the EU. As each voucher is stamped and removed from the carnet by the customs authority a counterfoil is also stamped which remains in the carnet. On return to Ireland the carnet is returned to the issuing authority where the stamped counterfoils are used as evidence to release any security deposit or bank guarantee held.

8. Further Information

Any further information may be obtained from the Export Specialist Service of Dublin Chamber Tel: 01 644 7204

Other Sources of Information

The market access database

The Market Access Database contains extensive information about market access conditions in non-EU countries. It also provides a system for the EU to follow up complaints about barriers to trade in non-EU countries. It contains information on:

• Sectorial and trade barriers

• Applied tariffs and HS product codes

• Exporters’ guide to import formalities

• Statistical database

• Studies

• Export barriers for animal and plant products to non-EU countries

Further information on Rules of Origin

For copies of the aforementioned EU Regulations, please contact

Government Supplies Agency

Harcourt Road

Dublin 2

Tel: (01) 661 3111

Fax: (01) 478 0645

Information on non-preferential rules of origin

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment,

Kildare St.

Dublin 2

Tel: (01) 631 2121

Information on preferential rules of origin (EUR 1 Forms or ATR Movement Certificate)

Customs Economic Procedures Unit

Office of the Revenue Commissioners


Co. Tipperary

Tel: 067 33 533

For detailed information on specific export requirements

Exporters Handbook

Enterprise Ireland

Merrion Hall

Strand Road


Dublin 4

Tel: 01 857 0000

Export Regulations and Custom Requirements