Membership and Benefits

The Chamber is a business representative and lobbying organisation.

Athlone Chamber is a dedicated group of member businesses seeking direct action on the issues that affect business and the long-term development of Athlone.

Athlone Chamber gather relevant information relating to Government Policy and regularly feed into the focus groups which ultimately dictate the direction Government might take. For example the recent Regional Jobs Initiative.

The Chamber also liaise with the relevant state bodies on issues such as infrastructure, land uses, utilities and promotion of the town. Examples of this would be Destination Athlone and Athlone at the Heart of It initiatives –

This interaction is both local, regional and national. Locally through our own Chamber, Regionally through the Midland Gateway Chamber, Nationally through Chambers Ireland and the Irish – German and Irish – American Chambers.

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Membership allows you to receive a series of benefits that are regarded as valuable commodities in the business community of today.


    Visibility & Promotion

    Membership of Athlone Chamber of Commerce ensures your business stands out and generates awareness within your local community. Enjoy exclusive benefits, including:

    • Personalised member directory listings on our website
    • Dedicated spaces for sharing your noteworthy events like grand openings and milestones
    • Inclusion in our weekly newsletter, reaching over 400 readers

    Increase your reach through our extensive social media channels, ensuring that your achievements are shared with the community.

    Personal Connections

    Cultivate invaluable business relationships through Athlone Chamber of Commerce membership. Explore opportunities with:

    • Trustworthy personalised contacts
    • Facilitated introductions for contracts or suppliers
    • Access to private sectors leaders, civic authorities, and potential partners

    Join a network that broadens your professional circle and opens doors to reliable contacts.

    Networking & Events

    Membership of Athlone Chamber of Commerce provides you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of business networking. Experience a variety of events, including:

    • Monthly networking Business After Hours
    • Breakfast Briefings
    • Athlone Business Awards
    • Public Forum Sessions

    Join a dynamic community where 60% of members do business through our events, creating lasting connections.

    Lobbying Work

    Be a driving force in shaping policies by joining Athlone Chamber of Commerce. Our lobbying efforts actively engage in significant public policy issues. Benefit from:

    • Representation by our policy team at local and national levels
    • A liaison between members and local authorities, elected officials and civic leaders
    • Assurance that your business interests are advocated for in relevant public policy issue

    Athlone Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the growth and protection of the business

    Access to Information

    Gain exclusive access to business and member news through your membership with Athlone Chamber of Commerce. Enjoy:

    • Insights into local business opportunities, such as upcoming training courses
    • Timely information on issues affecting your business at local, regional and national levels
    • Updates on Funding & Resources available to businesses

    Benefit from a wealth of information to make informed decisions and stay up to date with business developments.


    Enjoy personalised support from the Athlone Chamber of Commerce’s team. Membership ensures consistent communication. Benefit from:

    • Weekly Athlone Chamber Newsletters, staying informed on business community happenings
    • Referrals to One-to-One contacts, building valuable connections and doing business
    • Personalised support, receiving dedicated assistance from the Athlone Chamber’s team

    Your membership ensures your business has a powerful voice and is well-connected, enjoying a
    steady flow of valuable communication.

    Athlone Chamber also steps forward as the need arises when issues of public interest arise or where the business community requires some representation at public meetings, in the media or at governmental initiatives. The Chamber also supports other activities in the Sports, Arts, Cultural and other sectors as the need arises.

    Member profiling is available through our weekly digest and any member can send us a 200 word document and logo or photo explaining what their business is, where it is etc.

    The Chamber is directly represented on the following bodies:

    • =Local Authority Strategic Development Committees
    • =Midlands Gateway Chamber
    • =Destination Athlone

    Member Benefits

    Membership of Athlone Chamber will allow you to raise your profile, provide your business with networking, marketing and PR opportunities. It will also ensure that your organisation is represented on critical business issues, through the collective lobbying voice of Athlone Chamber.

    We provide a unified voice for industry in the region through lobbying locally, regionally and nationally (Athlone Chamber, Midland Gateway Chamber and Chambers Ireland) on issues and policies directly and indirectly impacting on commerce and industry.

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